Why Us

The right finance partner can make all the difference. Learn how.

Save up to 50% on your weekly financing cost.

Our financing solutions are way cheaper than other financing companies in the industry. Here is why.

Only Established

We can only work with established businesses. Lower risk reduces cost to all of our customers. 

Deeper Insights, Better Strategy

Our services go way beyond just providing you with the industry's best finance solutions.

Custom Solutions, Custom Products

We take plenty of time to understand your business and customise our products to your needs.

Finance Solutions, Personalised

We love working with our clients in the long run. Have a dedicated relationship manager looking after you.

Integrated Finance Solutions

We optimise not only your finances, but assist in optimising the entire equipment value chain.

Flexible, Easy &
No Fuss

We like to keep things as easy as possible and build our processes around your work flow.

Only established businesses

Other finance providers in the industry work with practically anybody, from start-up cafes to established coffee roasters. This is fantastic, as it gives new businesses access to financing. The problem is that this increases the risk dramatically which results in high interest for everyone. 

We are able to offer much lower rates because we only work with established businesses. That reduces our risk and means huge savings for you.

What this means to your business.

Custom solutions & strategy

We really take our time to understand your business. This not only allows us to offer you suitable solutions, but also gives us an opportunity to uncover opportunities to optimise your business model from a finance perspective.

This ensures that you always get the best deal, and, over time, build strong relationship with a reliable finance partner that does not only assist you in saving a lot of money but can provide you with tools to further boost your success.

Integrated finance solutions

Integrated finance solutions is our way of redefining how financing our industry works. Our expertise ranges across both disciplines, coffee and finance (and so do our business relationships). We have not only created the industry's most cost-effective finance products, but have also established fantastic relationships with equipment suppliers. We respect that you may have strong existing relationships with suppliers - that's why we offer both BYO equipment, but we can also help you sourcing it.

Deeper insights, better strategy

We have worked with quite a few different players in the industry and know about the trouble with financing equipment. It's too expensive, free-on-loan is really risky, many customers under-deliver, sales people make too optimistic volume predictions, all of the above?? 

To diagnose your financial posture, we have developed a framework that helps you identify how profitable your accounts really are and a strategy that can change everything. Triple your margins, winning more accounts and cut your overhead. This service is optional & free for all of our partner roasters. 

Finance solutions, personalised

Every business is different. Not only in the way you operate and the persons that are involved, but also from a risk perspective. Depending on what you need financing for and how you want to use it, financing conditions can vary a lot. We ensure that you get the right solution so that you will receive the best deal - every time.

Sounds simple, but will save you thousands and help you grow.

Flexible, easy & no-fuss

Most finance firms are really corporate and, let's face it, boring. They usually do not speak the same language and have little expertise outside of the finance industry. We bring expertise from both industries. 

We are also kind of different the way we do business. Our business relationships are ongoing, easy and not salesy. We want to help you succeed. If you do and you like the way we look after you, you are likely to come back and perhaps even recommend us to your network.

What's in it for you?

We can help you save thousands - literally. Find out how much exactly. We explore this potential in a free consultation session and share our recommendations in a customised report that outlines your current situation and clear recommendations that help you improve your bottom line. 

Request your personalised financial posture report, free of charge.

Request your personalised financial posture report, free of charge. Learn what effects an improved finance strategy can have on your margin and profitability.